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Paul Curry


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I'm a friendly digital native who helps businesses achieve technical excellence.
I deliver performant technical solutions for SMBs, help them scale, keep them secure, and offer insight to complex systems.

I work primarily in the digital advertising, online media, and consumer connectivity sectors.
I have launched planes from space, built multiple nationwide WiFi platforms, and even helped keep Google secure.

My work has been featured by the following publications, among others.

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Professional Work

References available on LinkedIn or by request.

Client list

2014 - Present

Trinity Mirror Group


Making the internet a happier place with the us vs th3m team.

2012 - 2014

LetsJoin / Praxis Networks

Technical Project Lead

Building WiFi solutions for partners in the transport industry.

Key Achievements

  • Architected enterprise-grade WiFi platform
  • Built custom on-vehicle server operating environment
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of vehicles
  • Extreme constraints handled seamlessly
  • Back and front-end development, with responsive CSS3
  • Rail-certified hardware and software specifications/development
  • Client list is confidential but impressive.
2011 - 2012

Bluepod Media LTD


Updating an existing Free WiFi estate to modern standards, and leading a technical operations team.

Key Achievements

  • Upgraded estate to modern Linux platform
  • Strategy advisor to the board
  • Integrating and customising for industry partners
  • Cost-effective solutions delivered on schedule
  • Produced work for Odeon, Cineworld, Vue, GAME, and others.

Hoop Associates


Develop Sledge, Hoop's in-house CMS, and provide strategy assistance and architectural solutions to their performance issues.

Key Achievements

  • 7000% improvement in core CMS speed
  • Seamless organisation of team changes
  • Effective client management
  • Produced work for PepsiCo, numerous confidential clients and local councils.
2007 - 2011

The Viral Factory

Technical Advisor

Strategic development for viral video + development of links to industry partners, point-of-contact for web trends and innovation.

Key Achievements

  • Talent, Concept, Execution: Led the project from idea conception, execution and an industry-first advertising strategy for Samsung SSD Awesomeness
  • Technical Engineer responsible for on-project assistance, tracking and retrieval of camera rig travelling in near-space for Project Space Planes
  • Produced work for Blackberry, Motorola, Skype, BBC London, Fiat, Shell, Diesel, Philips, Paramount, Activison, Samsung and many others.

Personal Projects

2009 - 2012


Developer and Community Leader

An online dictionary of rude jokes which enjoyed considerable growth soon after launch.

I built the Sickipedia v1.0 from the ground up to launch the community, with v2.0 being a collaborative effort with my team.

By the time v3 launched, the site was handling thousands of visitors at a time. We were continually updating and tweaking the code, scalability being paramount - the highly optimised software was handling tens of thousands of users at once.

The site has since been sold to a new owner.

2005 - Present



A digital arts community which has gained fame and notoriety over the years.

I update the code behind the scenes, with more notable improvements including building the new homepage and revamping the administration tools.

Music Search Plus


Instant music and video searchers. Coded and maintained until July 2009. I spoke publically about my experiences with Music Search Plus at In The City 2009.

I am proud to have been the first music search service which checked downloads for validity and offered direct download links in realtime. Referred to (by some!) as "The start of Web 3.0", the service took the web by storm, and provided me with a sharp introduction to the world of scalability.

Within a week, the service was experiencing a considerable traffic surge (4m+ hits per week at peak), having been featured on a majority of the popular social networking sites of the time, such as Digg and Reddit. The success of this service was largely due to the stability of the infrastructure behind it, such as the API connectivity and distributed processing.

At the time of retiring the site, it had served over 450 million downloads.

Public Speaking


SXSW Interactive

Hacking SXSW for Smiles and DorkBot Street Cred

Conceptualised and developed by myself, Jon Burkhart, and David Caygill. We built a talking paper shredder and unleashed it on Austin, Texas, in this one-off intimate talk with other like-minded technical tinkerers.


In the City 2009

"The seldom seen kid - the unheard story of Paul Curry and how he almost created Web 3.0"

I spoke at ITC about the Music Search Plus service I created; you can see more information about this service above.